Bangkok, Thailand 15 July 2021:

The United Nations Peace-Keepers Federal Council (UNPKFC) is an NGO with its Headquarter in Thailand, with global alliances and partnership with the UNDESA on United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, that is dedicated to promotion of World Peace.

In line its objectives and in support of the United Nation’s initiative for the United Nations World Youth Skills Day 2021, UNPKFC organized the Virtual Global Conference on 15 July 2021. This online virtual event will signal the start of UNPKFC’s effort to reach out to the youth in Thailand and globally through its partners to help them overcome the issues that they are facing in getting employment in a world that has changed drastically in all ways due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The organization who supporting this Global Virtual Conference are the Jamaica National Commission for UNESCO, UNICEF, The Ministry of Education of Thailand, Thailand Institute for Research and Development (TDRI), and UNDESA under the Partnership with UNSDG Platform.

Participating in this global virtual conference was collaborated by distinguished Speakers from a remarkably diverse field of expertise, hailing from entrepreneurship, educators, policymakers, governmental and non-governmental institution.

Datuk Dr. Aphinita Chaichana, President of UNPKFC gave the Opening Address to welcome all dignitaries, speakers, and participants. She further reiterated the significance of today’s event for our youth and the needs to empower them with the necessary skills for their future employment and nation building.

During the Keynote Speech by H.E. Dr. Sultan Azam Temuri, the former Acting Commissioner of Police at UNPOL for UNAMID (United Nations African Union Mission in Darfur), now in his capacity as UNPKFC Honorary Global Chairman, thanked UNPKFC and team for organizing this event. He mentioned that Education is a human-rights, and the importance to equipped our youth with the necessary skills for employability.

The Honorable H.E. Mr. Everton F. Hannam, the Secretary General of the Jamaica National Commission for UNESCO, gave a Felicitation Speech to thank UNPKFC lead by its President, Datuk Dr. Aphinita Chaichana for organizing this beneficial event for the youth, and look forward to more mutually beneficial collaboration between the Jamaica National Commission for UNESCO, and the United Nations Peace-Keepers Federal Council (UNPKFC) that benefits Society and promoting Peace in future.

Representing the Ministry of Education Thailand is Her Excellency Khunying Dr. Kalaya Sophonpanich, Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Education, who gave a plenary speech. Her Excellency highlighted the government of Thailand’s efforts in empowering and engaging the youth in terms of technical, Vocational Education and Training, and mentioned the government programs and policies blueprints that benefits the youth in Thailand and employability. Representing the Thailand Development and Research Institute is Mr. Sirawitch Ratanapradeeptong, a UNICEF Researcher whose presentation on the “Youth Employability Development Scoping Study” was very informative and thought provoking.

Additionally, Panelist Speakers are AVM. Dr. Thanakrit Limrattana, the Former Director of Latprao Hospital Public in Thailand and Advisor to the Deputy Minister of Public Health, Professor Dr. Peter Bheda, CEO and Chairman of Frontera Hotel Group in the United States of America, Dr. Souji Gopalakrishna Pillai a Doctoral scientist with the Florida State University, United States of America, Professor Kanin Khaniyao- Assistant to the Vice President (International Affairs) and Lecturer at Pathum Thani University, Thailand, Ms. Tamar Lolishvili- Lecturer at School Gymnasium AIA-GESS Tbilisi, Georgia, and Dr. Rania Lampou- Director of Education Affairs, Ministry of Education, Greece and STEM Instructor at Astronomy and Space Society of Greece.

The Panelists have deliberated extensively on the Theme “Technical & Vocational Education and Training (TVET) solutions needs to be reimagined for the benefits of Youth employability post Covid-19 pandemic” and their resolutions and findings shall be formulated and compiled into a Declaration with copies lodge with the Government Agencies, United Nations and Non-Governmental Agencies for follow up actions.

There were approximately more than 300 global online participants consisting of youth between the age of 15 to 35, adults from various professions, and entrepreneurs. UNPKFC is happy with the success of this virtual conference and wishes to congratulate, including thank all the honorable distinguished speakers, the Government of Thailand,Ministry of Educations Thailand, Ministry of Education Greece, Jamaica National Commission for UNESCO, UNICEF, TDRI, participants and all supporters, who has joined hands for the success of this event.

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