Educational Pollution Activities for Kids: Reducing Pollution

The United Nations Peace Keepers Federal Council (UNPKFC) Collaboration with Russian Dance Academy "Katyusha"  for organized activities according to the Educational Pollution Activities for Kids: Reducing Pollution

The cleaning activity along the canal and throughout the “Ngampanja community”, located in Bangkhae district, to contribute to His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX) as the commemoration of his royal death anniversary. Starting from collecting trashes along different alleys and carrying the sign of “No trashes in waterways” campaign, from the front street of the community to the canal bank, the children collected garbage from the canal’s water and put it in trashcans. Volunteers from the community ran the trash-collecting management and poured bio-fermented water along the canal to increase the effectiveness of drainage. This activity is not only beneficial to the people living in the area, but it also raises awareness of the environmental protection necessity in the children’s minds.

Air, Land, and Water Pollution Activities
Some ways you can help with pollution is:

Pick up trash (anytime)

Turn off the lights and electronics

Use energy efficient products

Walk when you can or ride a bike

Use eco friendly products


Conserve Water

Plant trees

Say no to fertilizers

Never allow our oceans to be used for waste

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

These are a few ways that everyone can help.

We​ can​ not​ always​ build​ the​ future​ for​ our​ youth​, but​ we​ can​ build​ our​ youth​ for​ the​ future​.

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