Cities and Marine Plastic Pollution Building a Circular Economy

United Nations Peace Keepers Federal Council (UNPKFC) has been well educated and has completed the course of the CITIES AND MARINE PLASTIC POLLUTION: BUILDING A CIRCULAR ECONOMY Course was developed to support city-level capacity building on the topic of plastic waste management. The purpose of this course is to share the latest knowledge and approaches to measuring and managing plastic pollution from land-based sources, in particular cities, for the achievement of local, national and regional goals related to sustainable development.

Plastic pollution is entering our oceans at an alarming rate, damaging our marine environments, and endangering local livelihoods. The Asia-Pacific is an important center of innovation for plastic waste management and a hotspot for pollution. Across the region, cities and city governments are at the frontier of global efforts to stop plastic waste entering the environment.

Learn about land-based plastic waste pollution issues in Asia and the Pacific region. Share contemporary scientific and practitioner knowledge and assessment methodologies to better understand the plastics pollution challenge. Explore state-of-the-art technologies and techniques being used to measure and monitor plastic waste in municipal and marine environments. Inspire action to tackle practical challenges in municipal solid waste management systems for terrestrial and marine environments. Equip decision makers and practitioners with practical tools, policies, and approaches for tackling plastic waste. #UNPKFC

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