UNPKFC with Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund (the Fund) at Gala Cannes, France

Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund (the Fund) Gala Cannes, France

The Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund is proud to partner with the Cannes International Film Festival as well as Trigo Networks to present the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund Gala Cannes.

Since 1946, Cannes International Film Festival has been the bridge between serious filmmaking and mainstream motion picture entertainment (Festival de Cannes, 2017). Cannes International Film Festival is “the most important film festival in terms of worldwide impact” (French Embassy in the United States, 2019). Former United States President Barack Obama says that the City of Cannes has “wonderful hospitality and the beautiful weather” which is very indicative of the atmosphere and contributes to the longevity of the festival (Obama, 2011). Annually, there are over 80,000 festivalgoers in attendance consisting of actors, actresses, artistic agencies, authors, directors, writers, book publishers, film financiers, cultural organizations (art centers, museums, multimedia libraries) and over 4,000 journalists (Festival de Cannes, 2023).

Among this prestigious and very important week-long festival, there was an absence of engagements dedicated to children. Children actors and actresses make up a major part of the film industry. The night was dedicated to them and children everywhere, to highlight those who helped and served children.

During this special night, hundreds of people, including Dr. Aphinita Chaichana-the global president of UNPKFC, gathered to celebrate those who advocated for children from around the globe. Five magnanimous individual’s work was recognized with an award. We made history as we supported the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund, to garner resources that had the trajectory to save thousands of children’s lives through the many outlets including Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital, Child Safety and Protection -Safe Schools Program, and much more.




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