Dr.Aphinita Chaichana UNPKFC Global President (Chief Guest)On the day of Vijayadashami at Deekshabhoomi in Nagpur, Maharashtra, India #UNPKFCinINDIA

On the day of Vijayadashami at Deekshabhoomi in Nagpur, Maharashtra, India

Bodhisattva Dr. Ambedkar initiated lakhs of people into the Dhammdiksha of Buddhism.

This day is celebrated with Buddha Precepts every year on the occasion of Vijayadashami

at Nagpur Deeksha Bhoomi like Thailand festival of Loy Krathong. This year and this day

Dhammdiksha celebrated on 24 October 2023 with the same joy and enthusiasm but this

year Hob’ble Dr. Aphinita Chaichana, Global President of United Peace Keepers Federal

Council (UNPKFC) was specially invite​d​ as​ a​ Chief​ Guest​ by Mr. Dr. Rajendra Gavai, secretary President, Nagarjun Surai Sasai and Vilas Gajghate, Kamaltai Gavai of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Memorial Committee and special guest was present in this celebration Indian Union

Minister Mr. Nitin Gadkari, Deputy Chief Minister Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis and

Nitin Gajbhiye who is the Secretary of the Indo-Thai Friendship Foundation.

1. Hob’ble Dr. Aphinita Chaichana, (UNPKFC) Thailand said in her speech Dr. B.R.

Ambedkar is the epitome of wisdom of this era who studied in America and London

and by reviving Buddhism in India he has built an international bridge connecting

the Buddhist nations of South-East and East Asia. Dr. Ambedkar’s dream was to

make present India a “caste-less and characterful enlightened India” like the empire

of Emperor Ashoka and Ashoka and his Golden era had connections with ancient

Thailand and this day had been celebrated as a Dhamma Victory during the time of

Ashoka. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar’s personality is unique, every word of his

independent thought has an understanding of global human welfare. Dr. Babasaheb

Ambedkar is a brilliant economist among global economists by inducting women

into the Buddhist Sangha and giving access to them in Sangha, Buddha empowered

them by ending the discrimination between women and men, and this was a big

achievement for women. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s views on education are very relevant

in the present era. I believe that my thoughts will become a bridge in the unbroken

relationship between Dr. Ambedkar Samark Samiti and Thailand. Indian Citizens,

State Minister and Union Minister had been very appreciate her speech as regard to

development of relationship in between Thailand and Deekshabhoomi.

2. In this occasion Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, who were present at the

programme and announced that Deekshabhoomi would be made into a de into a

globally revered site Metropolitan Region Development Authority (NMRDA) has

been appointed as the authorised agency for the developmental work. The 22.80 acre

area of Dhikshabhommi will be developed to world class standards. Fadnavis gave

a cheque of 70 crore to Bhadant A Nagarjuna Surai Sas President of Param Pujya

Babasaheb Ambedkar Smar Samiti, Deekshabhoor who also presided over all


3. State Chief Minister Eknath shinde address the gather- ag virtually on this occasion.

4. Union minister Nitin Gadkari said the ongoing project to develop Buddhist circuit

in the country will be completed by 2024 He said the project, which will connect the

places of importance of Buddha’s life, is being carried out at a cost of Rs 10,000

crore.“A huge number of devotees of Gautam Buddha from across the world visit






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