UNPKFC collaborated with UNESCO Jamaica and Adventure of Humanity to organize a grand celebration of the International Day of Peace in Thailand.

UNPKFC collaborated with UNESCO Jamaica and Adventure of Humanity to organize a grand celebration of the International Day of Peace in Thailand. World Peace Day or International Day of Peace falls on September 21st of every year. It is a day to remind people around the world to refrain from committing any act of violence towards humans, animals, and the environment; due to the fact from world history that wars and violence have led to unfathomable losses. Even in the present era, violence still occurs throughout the world, starting from the household up to the international level. Therefore, using peaceful means to solve problems is a way to create world peace. On this special occasion, the United Peace Keepers Federal Council (UNPKFC) led by Dr. Aphinita Chaichana-lead of the event, UNESCO (Jamaica National Commission for UNESCO), Adventure of Humanity, along with network partners in public and private sectors from domestic and international levels, organized special activities to commemorate the World Peace Day with various networks such as the Korean Veterans Association under Royal Patronage, Association of Unknown Warrior 333, the Veterans Association of Bangkok, Thai Songdam Association (Tai Dam), Thai ASEAN Arts and Culture Preservation Organization, Radio and Television Broadcasting Association , Thai-Nepali Association, Arts and Culture Continuation School, Young Volunteers Development Association , Leaders of 5 religions in the religious relations, Russian Dance Academy Katyusha, Idol Exchange, beauty queens, singers and actors, along with UNPKFC network with more than 30 countries around the world, at Boriphat Conference room of Air Force Club, Bangkok. In this event, Dr. Aphinita Chaicana, Global President of UNPKFC, Honorary Advisor to the Veterans Association of Bangkok, and Special Adviser to the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UNECOSOC), Rep#455108, addressed a welcome speech. And the opening remarks at the event was given by H.E. EVERTON HANNAM, Secretary-General of the Jamaican National Commission for UNESCO (UNESCO). The keynote speech was given by Lt. Gen. Thayasit Kittidecharasmi, Director of the Budget and Finance Office, Internal Security Operations Command (ISOC). A recorded special speech was delivered by H.E. Ms. LUPE AYLLON RUIZ (United States), attorney specialist for the United Nations Human Rights Development Program (UNDP- N°15132- RSC), and another speech was given by Mrs. Piyanuch Nakkong, President of the Royal Thai Army Housewives of the 4th Army division. This vision was pursued through global support under the United Nations mandate for peacekeeping, and peacebuilding to comply with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Sustainable Development Goals. UNPKFC appreciated the strong assistance from public and private agencies, and volunteers from both domestic level and international level to progress to the Sustainable Development Goals. In this special event, there was also an important ceremony to bestow the title of peace ambassador upon Ms. Pattraporn Wang (aka. Ms. First), Miss Supranational Thailand 2023, Queen of Asian Model, and Miss Supranational 2023, along with Mr. Tonkla Nipun, Mister Supranational 2021, to set an example in self-dedication to the society regardless of ethnicities, races, religions, and cultures as representatives of UNPKFC in promoting world peace and overcoming obstacles and various conflicts through unity and peace culture towards sustainable development. The titles were honorarily given by M.L. Wanchai Navarat, Honorary Advisor of UNPKFC. At the event, the first generation of 50 Youth Ambassadors of Peace were also appointed, with the responsibility to participate in peace promotion activities, in which they would be educated with academic knowledge and information regarding sustainable development goals. With these special activities, they would be physically and mentally prepared to perform the duties of Youth Ambassador of Peace, who would be fully filled with conscience and assertiveness to propagate the culture of peace under the sustainable development concept laid by the United Nations. At the same event, UNPKFC also signed a memorandum of understanding about education and sustainable development with Ras Bihrai Bose Subharti University-a leading university from India, and about the international exchange of religious relations and education with MNC-Mahapurisa Natural Cave International Forest Medication Center, POL, Myanmar, with the purpose to achieve the global goals of sustainable development in 2023. The activities continued with honoring peacekeepers, role models who dedicated themselves in confined and public areas, a group of volunteers who worked hard to support the activities of UNPKFC as an important force in the continuous success of the organization. #unpkfc​ #IDP2023​ #Unescojamaica​ #AdventureOfHumanity​ #globalgoals​ #SDGsAction #สภาสหพันธ์รักษาสันติภาพ #unitedpeacekeepersfederalcouncil

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